Month: March 2023

Microsoft Edge Crypto Wallet: Buy, Explore, and Trade Crypto!

• Microsoft Edge is potentially integrating a crypto wallet feature in its web browser.
• The feature appears to include a cryptocurrency wallet, an explorer for decentralized applications, a news feed, and the option to purchase crypto assets.
• Coinbase and MoonPay are integrated platforms that will help users buy and deposit crypto to their wallets.

Microsoft Edge Crypto Feature

Microsoft Edge may soon have access to a crypto wallet feature according to recent screenshots circulating on Twitter. If confirmed, the wallet will be embedded directly into the popular web browser rather than as a separate plugin.

Integrated Platforms for Buying Crypto

The leaked screenshots show that Coinbase and MoonPay are integrated platforms that allow users to buy and deposit crypto assets into their wallets. It also includes an explorer for decentralized applications and a news feed with updates related to cryptocurrencies.

Non-Custodial Wallet

The Microsoft Edge wallet will be non-custodial meaning that Microsoft won’t have access to passwords or recovery keys associated with it. However, there is no guarantee that this feature will make it out of development stages since many projects don’t end up seeing the light of day.

Microsoft’s Foray Into Web3

Microsoft has been investing heavily in Web3 technology which seeks to decentralize data and give users more control over their online experiences. This new potential integration could prove beneficial for both Microsoft and cryptocurrency users alike if it does come into fruition.

Impact On Digital Asset Market

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SEC Halts Crypto Ponzi Scheme, Victims Lose Funds

• Crypto Ponzi scheme led to the loss of funds for up to 30 Latino investors.
• Mauricio Chavez and Giorgio Benvenuto were running an unregistered crypto-asset offering.
• 90% of investor money was used to pay out other investors, develop real estate, and fund Chavez’s lifestyle.

Crypto Ponzi Scheme Claims Investor’s Funds

The Latin Times report shared that up to 30 victims of the operation have alerted authorities of their losses to the scammers. In detail, the people behind the scam are employees of CryptoFX LLC, a company currently involved in a federal case in Texas.

SEC Executes Emergency Action

When regulators got wind of the illegal dealings, the SEC executed an emergency action to stop the offering. Mauricio Chavez claimed to be well-versed in crypto trading and supposedly taught Latino residents how to make more money by trading digital assets such as Bitcoin and NFTs. However, when they come to his seminar he solicited them to invest in CryptoFX so that it can conduct digital asset and foreign exchange trading on their behalf with no experience or education about crypto assets or investments.

Ponzi Scheme Model

Chavez was never engaging in crypto trading but instead paying out investors with other people’s money based on a Ponzi scheme model. He used 90% of investor funds to pay out other investors, develop real estate under him and Benvenuto, and fund his wealthy lifestyle. On the other hand, Benvenuto pulled in many investors to the scheme using some of their money personally as well as for unspecified business purposes.

City Hall Warning Issued

A City Hall warning has been issued disclosing that up to 30 residents had fallen victim to this fraud operation, cautioning others against such schemes by urging them not wait any longer but take preventive measures like learning more about potential investing opportunities before investing their hard earned cash into them.

SEC Charges Against Defendants

The SEC has charged both defendants with fraudulent activities related securities offerings violations as well as misappropriation of investor funds while they promised returns on investment which never came true leading dozens into financial ruin along with potentially facing criminal charges due their actions .

Bitcoin Price Drop Sparks Market Downturn: Losses to Continue in March

• Bitcoin’s price dropped on Saturday leading the majority of the market down with it.
• Investors expect more downward trend for BTC, with a 5.67% decline by the end of March predicted by Coinmarketcap’s Price Estimates feature.
• According to Crypto Fear & Greed Index, investors are feeling neutral towards the market but sentiment can turn negative easily due to low prices.

Bitcoin’s Price Drop Causes Market Downturn

The crypto market is still reeling from Bitcoin’s price drop on Saturday, as the largest cryptocurrency by market cap took the majority of the market down with it after succumbing to bearish trends. But investors expect this is not yet over and that digital asset will continue its decline.

March Expected To Bring Further Losses

March has started out badly for the crypto markets, in line with expectations expressed by participants in Coinmarketcap’s Price Estimates feature. The median price expectation by the end of March came out to $21,084, which represents a 5.67% decline from current prices – meaning bitcoin could lose another $1,200 from its value plunging the crypto market further into bear territory.

Investors Remain Bearish

Voters also maintained a bearish outlook for BTC in upcoming months; expectations for each month fall lower as high as 17% losses expected within three months time frame ending in May where more than 4,400 voters put forth an expected low of $18,521 for BTC at month’s end.

Investor Sentiment Toward BTC

According to Crypto Fear & Greed Index investor sentiment toward BTC remains neutral but could easily shift negative given current low prices and volatility seen thus far this March alone when BTC lost $1,200 within an hour during one trading session alone.


In conclusion investors remain bearish toward Bitcoin and its future prospects in terms of pricing though sentiment currently remains neutral according to Crypto Fear & Greed Index however given current volatility and low prices sentiment could quickly change resulting in further declines for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies alike if caution is not taken when trading or investing within these markets going forward.