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27 Mar

Scam Alert: $4M Stolen From Kokomo Finance Protocol

• Kokomo Finance deployed a non-custodial lending protocol on Optimism and Arbitrum. • CertiK, a blockchain security firm, tweeted on March 26 that Kokomo Finance had stolen $4 million in user funds. • The deployer of the protocol had programmed the smart contract to illegally pull out liquidity from its pools, drastically impacting the token’s […]
20 Mar

Microsoft Edge Crypto Wallet: Buy, Explore, and Trade Crypto!

• Microsoft Edge is potentially integrating a crypto wallet feature in its web browser. • The feature appears to include a cryptocurrency wallet, an explorer for decentralized applications, a news feed, and the option to purchase crypto assets. • Coinbase and MoonPay are integrated platforms that will help users buy and deposit crypto to their […]
12 Mar

SEC Halts Crypto Ponzi Scheme, Victims Lose Funds

• Crypto Ponzi scheme led to the loss of funds for up to 30 Latino investors. • Mauricio Chavez and Giorgio Benvenuto were running an unregistered crypto-asset offering. • 90% of investor money was used to pay out other investors, develop real estate, and fund Chavez’s lifestyle. Crypto Ponzi Scheme Claims Investor’s Funds The Latin […]