Month: February 2023

PlayStation’s Tweet Sparks Speculation of SHIB-Themed Game

• PlayStation’s tweet mentioning Shiba Inu sparked speculation of a SHIB-themed game, but it is likely that the reference was only to the dog breed.
• The new trailer features an opening sequence of a Shiba Inu moving through hordes of people in colorful clothing.
• There has been little reaction from the SHIB price, as speculation of a SHIB-themed game seems far-fetched and lack credibility.

PlayStation Reference to Shiba Inu

The official PlayStation account on Twitter shared a new trailer for an upcoming puzzle game titled “Humanity” yesterday, mentioning Shiba Inu. This sparked speculation among members of the SHIB army that Sony was planning to launch a SHIB-themed game, which would be incredibly big news for the cryptocurrency if true.

No Affiliation with SHIB?

Upon closer inspection, however, it appears that there is no affiliation with SHIB after all. While the PlayStation Twitter account wrote that users could play as Shiba Inu, this likely refers exclusively to the dog breed which will serve as a character in the new video game – background information can be found on its website.

Trailer Features Opening Sequence

The new trailer features an opening sequence of a Shiba Inu moving through hordes of people in colorful clothing. Thus, even though a Shiba Inu will be playing a starring role in the game, it can be (almost) ruled out that PlayStation is planning to launch a SHIB-themed game.

SHIB Price Unaffected

Remarkably, despite some excitement within the SHIB community at the prospect of Sony launching such a cryptocurrency-related video game title, there has been little reaction from the SHIB price itself – signaling that speculation around this rumor is far-fetched and lacks credibility. Within 24 hours of PlayStation’s tweet about Shiba Inu being posted online, SHIB had fallen by 1.7%. Just before editorial deadline time it had increased by only 0.1%.


Despite some excitement within the cryptocurrency community when Sony mentioned Shiba Inu on its official Twitter page, further inspection reveals that there is no actual affiliation with cryptocurrency or blockchain technology – instead referencing solely to the dog breed which will star in its upcoming video game title “Humanity”. As such any rumors or excitement regarding Sony launching a crypto video game have been proven unfounded and this has been reflected by very little reaction fromthe price ofSHIBCryptocurrency itself

Polygon (MATIC) Soars 11.31%, Dunleavy Highlights Recent Developments

• Polygon (MATIC) is seeing a significant price surge of 11.31% in the past 24 hours, with market cap and trading volume also spiking by 11.46% and 18.39%, respectively.
• Research analyst Tom Dunleavy highlighted some of the recent developments on Polygon, such as testing its zkEVM ((zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine), increased number of addresses on the network, and increasing from 200 developers to more than 1,000.
• These achievements make it clear that Polygon is on the path to success and may attract further utility and activity with its token due to its security, decentralization, scalability features.

Polygon Price Soars 11.31%

Polygon (MATIC) is soaring today, with a price gain of 11.31% in 24 hours. Its market cap and trading volume have also spiked by 11.46% and 18.39%, respectively, showing increased utility and activity with the token.

Tom Dunleavy Highlights Recent Developments

Tom Dunleavy, a senior research analyst at Messari, says the protocol is on the path to success. The researcher outlined some of the achievements of Polygon recently which include: zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine), increased number of addresses on the network by 90%, unlocking 90% MATIC tokens distributed and increasing developers from 200 in 2018 to more than 1,000 people now..

zkEVM Aiming For Optimal Blockchain Trilemma Solution

The purpose of their zkEVM solution is to position the network for security, decentralization & scalability – all three elements necessary for an optimal blockchain trilemma solution which can achieve mass adoption for their network & coin due to its improved security & scalability features according to co-founder Mihailo Bjelic who made these statements during its launch last summer outlining their reasons for this technology implementation..

Increased Number Of Addresses On The Network

The number of addresses on the network has increased by 90% quarter over quarter according to Tom Dunleavy’s tweet highlighting these developments as well as 90% MATIC tokens being unlocked which indicates higher growth potential given networks with high numbers of developers usually attract investors due to this reason..


Overall these developments make it clear that Polygon is on track for success attracting further utility & activity with its token & may even help them achieve mass adoption given its improved security & scalability features set out by co-founder Mihailo Bjelic during their launch last summer outlining their reasons for this new technology implementation!

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• Hermès has successfully sued NFT creator Mason Rothschild to protect the likeness of their iconic Birkin bag.
• The jury found the fashion brand to be well within their rights to be awarded damages, which totaled roughly $130,000.
• This ruling will serve as a precedent for how NFT lawsuits and legislation are evaluated in the years ahead.

Hermès Sues NFT Creator

It was just over one year ago when global fashion brand Hermès opened a lawsuit up against NFT creator Mason Rothschild. This week, jurors ruled in favor of Hermès and awarded them damages totaling roughly $130,000. The ruling will undoubtedly serve as a pillar judgment in how NFT lawsuits – and potentially legislation – are evaluated in the years ahead.

MetaBirkins Project

Rothschild’s NFT project, MetaBirkins, was minted a couple months prior to the lawsuit being filed by Hermès. The 47-page court filing argued that the collection used too much of the brand’s reputable iconography and likeness from their iconic Birkin bags. To protest this response, Rothschild released copies of the cease and desist letters to the public last year and opined on social media around his disdain for it.

Birkin Bag Basics

Hermès’ Birkin bags are staples in high fashion with prices ranging from $5K to strong six figures depending on where they are purchased from or who is selling them. Understandably so, this luxurious brand took an all-out legal offense when it comes to protecting any inkling of a potential IP violation with regards to their product lineup.

Legal Precedent Set

Rothschild described his utilization of Hermès’ likeness as fair use but jurors were not receptive in agreement with him. This decision could be seen as a hindrance for future growth of art NFTs if we’re not evaluating them in an equal purview as other mediums of artistic expression. MetaBirkins is currently trading on LooksRare (LOOKS) with a multi-ETH floor price tag attached to each piece sold near ETH 570 at time of writing (May 17th).


The case between Hermès and Mason Rothschild serves as an important reminder for digital artists about protecting their intellectual property rights with regards to artwork created using blockchain technology such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). While artist’s works may not always be protected by typical copyright laws or other forms of protection such as trademark or patent law, smart contracts can provide some level security against those who would seek to copy or otherwise replicate another’s work without permission or compensation due what is known as “smart contract enforcement”

UK Introduces Regulations to Protect Crypto Consumers and Enhance Resilience

• The UK plans to regulate the crypto industry in an effort to control crypto-related businesses and protect consumers.
• The proposal focuses on consumer protection and clamping down on loan activities between multiple crypto firms.
• The government aims to create a “robust world-first regime” to enhance operational resilience and consumer protection.

The United Kingdom is taking the initiative to regulate the cryptocurrency industry as part of its commitment to protect consumers and strengthen operational resilience in the sector. In an industry consultation held on Tuesday, the UK unveiled its plans to regulate certain aspects of the cryptocurrency industry to create a “robust world-first regime”.

The government proposed to target specific sectors related to the cryptocurrency industry, such as financial intermediaries and custodians who store crypto assets on behalf of clients. This is due to the fact that many of the crashes affecting the crypto market last year were caused by risky loans between multiple crypto firms. Therefore, the UK plans to focus on consumer protection and clamp down on loan activities.

In addition, the UK aims to enhance operational resilience and consumer protection with the new regulations. The government hopes that by introducing these measures, the crypto industry can become a safe and secure environment for consumers, investors and businesses alike.

The UK’s plans to regulate the crypto industry come as other governments around the world have been considering doing the same. The UK’s move is seen as a step forward in the global effort to introduce regulations to the cryptocurrency industry. The UK’s plan is expected to be implemented soon and could pave the way for other countries to follow suit.